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 - Scrapers
- Excavators

  Workshop Access
- Workshop Access
- Strut Access
  Graders- 12H 14H Mini-Side Access
- 16H Mini-Side-Access
- 24H Mini-Side Access
- 24M Mini-Side Access
- 16M Gallery
- Full Access Systems
- 24H/M 825 16M 16G/H
Dozers- CAT D11 Dozers
- D6T Dozer
- D8 D9 D10 Dozer
- CAT D10T Dozer
- CAT D7, D8,D9,D10 D11
- Around Cab Access
- Front Deck System

Mining & Forrestry
- Engine Bay - Front Access
- 12G 12H 14G 14H


Access Innovations and its Founder

Michael Magnussen, award winner for innovative ideas in safety systems in the workforce knows what people are looking for.

Michael has owned and operated earthmoving machinery since 1983 and knows what people need for safety and reliability. He witnessed a number of accidents over those years which drove him to work hard to develop improved access to those machines.

In 1996 Michael formed an Australian owned company, Access Innovations, and researched, developed and world patented the world's first complete grader access system.

After its successful evolution, he then developed and patented a dozer access system offering unsurpassed, ergonomically designed access for both the operators and maintenance personnel.

Michael Magnussen won the Workplace Health and Safety Premier's Award, given by the Minister of Industrial Relations, in 2002. Access Innovations is the trusted supplier of choice for leading mining companies and industries all over the world.

Setting your company’s priorities for improved safety and production
into the future.

Give your manufacturing company the opportunity to incorporate these unique access systems as optional equipment for your base grader and dozer models. Easily re-design to accommodate these access systems without interfering with your machines aesthetics.

Access Innovations patented design access systems have been successfully operating in the mining industry since 1996.


All interested parties can contact Access Innovations directly by completing the enquiries form, send us an e-mail or phone Australia International +61 7 3040 7752. USA callers, please dial (570) 951 9861.




About Us

World's first complete grader access system.

Michael Magnussen winner of the
Workplace Health and Safety Premier's Award, in 2002.