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 - Scrapers
- Excavators

  Workshop Access
- Workshop Access
- Strut Access
  Graders- 12H 14H Mini-Side Access
- 16H Mini-Side-Access
- 24H Mini-Side Access
- 24M Mini-Side Access
- 16M Gallery
- Full Access Systems
- 24H/M 825 16M 16G/H
Dozers- CAT D11 Dozers
- D6T Dozer
- D8 D9 D10 Dozer
- CAT D10T Dozer
- CAT D7, D8,D9,D10 D11
- Around Cab Access
- Front Deck System

Mining & Forrestry
- Engine Bay - Front Access
- 12G 12H 14G 14H


Access Innovations & Newmont Mining: Our commitment to safety unites

Newmont Mining and Access Innovations share a common goal of making the workplace as safe as possible for employees.

Newmont Mining is a leader in the gold mining industry and Access Innovations is a leader in designing and producing safe access systems for heavy equipment. Bringing these two companies together is good for employee health and safety and is also good for the company bottom line.

Employees respond to a safer workplace with advanced safety systems by taking pride in their work and recognizing that the company cares. Shareholders welcome the company’s move to further ensure the health and safety of employees, prevent lost-time injuries and improve the financial return on investment.

Both Access Innovations and Newmont Mining carry that goal of workplace safety to their operations around the globe.

Michael Magnussen, winner of the Workplace Health and Safety Premier's Award, 2002, makes Access Innovations a trusted supplier of choice for leading mining companies and industries all over the world.

Magnussen says, “I have been operating earthmoving machinery since 1983 and I know what people need for safety and reliability. After witnessing many accidents over the years I have developed an improved access to those machines. Safety being the most important denominator.”

Magnussen’s safety access systems provide safe access to heavy equipment for prestart checks, maintenance, and repair. The system’s anti-slip stairs, level platform and rubber mounted hand rails provide a secure platform for getting on and off, or for working on specific areas of the equipment. Once the operator is in place, he releases the park brake and the access safety system folds and stores away automatically giving clear back and side views.

The purpose built, access safety systems that Access Innovations has developed are ideal for Newmont Mining Corporation with the long-term success depending on creating safety and value for all concerned.