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  Graders- 12H 14H Mini-Side Access
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- Around Cab Access
- Front Deck System

Mining & Forrestry
- Engine Bay - Front Access
- 12G 12H 14G 14H


Prevention NOT Reaction - Act Now...

How many times have you heard "If only we had of ..." stories after an accident has occurred?

With Access Innovations their priority is 'prevention' and not reaction.

With the largest percentage of access related accidents in the mining industry caused by limitations of grader access equipment, operators of earth-moving machines need safe access to the control station and to many components of the machine. The common step or ladder, perhaps with a handrail or grip, provided on most graders just isn’t enough.

Considering the control station may be elevated several meters from ground level and the operator may have to check the position or status of certain components of their machine, such as; drive wheels, earth-working implements or other machine sub-systems; a safer, more complete access system is required. This is especially the case when the extremities of such components are not clearly visible from the control station.

Minimise risk - raise operator confidence

With the standard system, the operator risks falling when they clean mud or grime from the external surface of cabins surrounding the control station. Accordingly, there is a risk of injury to the operator, should they slip and/or fall when climbing to a control station or standing in a precarious position elevated on the superstructure of the machine, whether to gain a better view of machine components or merely to clean cabin windows. This risk is multiplied where the machine includes earth-working implements with sharp edges or teeth in the path of a potential fall.

Maintenance personnel and operators face similar risks when accessing the engine. Access to other operating systems, such as hydraulic lines or bearings, is required for inspection, cleaning or lubrication purposes. This becomes even more dangerous when the machine is on a site where surfaces become a slip hazard when wet, and retrieval is limited, rather than in a workshop where suitable access frames may be available when required.

Access Systems promote greater productivity reducing operating and maintenance costs

This system generates greater productivity for personnel and reduces operating and maintenance costs due to the time saving benefits of the system. Rear access platforms fitted to graders deliver further production benefits by providing a rear mudguard effect that allows increased haul-road speeds which translates into more time for actual production.

Models that suit are 16M and 24H / 24M graders with the inclusion of other models CAT 120G, 12G, 120H, 12H - 14G & 14H - 16G 16H.


Operators and support personnel can be assured of safe access that does not hinder or limit the performance of the base machine. To find out more contact us now.



Safety In Mining

Access water levels and diesel tank with ergonomically designed access system

Major oil servicing done while seated safely

Window cleaning enhanced by level anti-slip walkways and handrails