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 - Scrapers
- Excavators

  Workshop Access
- Workshop Access
- Strut Access
  Graders- 12H 14H Mini-Side Access
- 16H Mini-Side-Access
- 24H Mini-Side Access
- 24M Mini-Side Access
- 16M Gallery
- Full Access Systems
- 24H/M 825 16M 16G/H
Dozers- CAT D11 Dozers
- D6T Dozer
- D8 D9 D10 Dozer
- CAT D10T Dozer
- CAT D7, D8,D9,D10 D11
- Around Cab Access
- Front Deck System

Mining & Forrestry
- Engine Bay - Front Access
- 12G 12H 14G 14H


What other have to say about Access Innovation's grader systems...

"I have during the course of my employment been required to conduct investigations into accidents whereby employees have injured themselves accessing heavy earthmoving equipment such as graders and high track dozers. In assessing the 'access systems' provided by the manufacturers of such machinery, in many cases their design and construction have contributed to the incidence of accident and severity of injury sustained by some operators in accessing or alighting from the machines.

This coupled with adverse operating conditions such as poor lighting and wet or muddy conditions has meant the operation of heavy earthmoving equipment, in particular the accessing and alighting of these machines, can present a considerable risk of accident/injury to operators.

Such risks can be significantly reduced and in some cases eliminated by improvements being made to the design and construction of the 'access systems' on heavy earthmoving equipment. There are a large number of factors to take into account when assessing the causes of access accidents and injuries, and determining how to reduce or ideally eliminate their occurrence. A good place to start is to ensure that the 'plant and equipment' itself is safe and does not present a risk to injury to the user.

I have had an opportunity to make enquires into the development of improved 'access systems' for heavy earthmoving equipment. In looking at the 'access systems' for graders and dozers developed by Access Innovations, I believe that the introduction of such 'access systems', being a drastic improvement on those systems provided by the manufacturers of such machines, will go a long way to reducing the occurrence and incidence of personal injury sustained by the operators of such equipment. Apart form the obvious reduction in accidents and injuries, which should be the number one priority, there are numerous other benefits to an employer such as a reduction in lost time injuries and their associated costs and improved production due to less down time.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the introduction of an improved 'access system' (such as those developed by Access Innovations) to an employer utilising heavy earthmoving equipment".
Justin F.Crowley - B. App. Sc. (OH&S)



We believe that the Access Innovations Grader and Dozer Access Systems are not only long overdue but are vital to the safe and productive operation of your work environment. But don't just take our word for it ... read on for the opinions of those who have had the opportunity to use our system -


"I am familiar with the heavy equipment access systems designed and constructed by Access Innovations. I endorse these products as having made a significant contribution to improving the occupational health and safety of users of heavy equipment.

It is well established that typically 10% of all accidents in the Queensland open cut mining industry are associated with access to heavy mining equipment. Designs of the type marketed by Access Innovations will significantly reduce the size of the problem as they become more widely adopted".
Roger Kahler Principal Consultant
The InterSafe Group Pty Ltd