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Access Innovations, World Leaders in Earth Moving Access Systems

Access Innovations proudly releases another new dozer and motor grader mini-side access safety systems that are designed by an operator for operators.

16H Graders - Mini Side Access24H Graders - Mini Side Access16H Graders - Mini Side Access G Series Scrapers Dozer Access Systems

Other Access Safety Systems include 16M Grader - 24H and 24M Motor Graders.

Access Innovations developed and manufactures the purpose built Access Safety System for personnel operating motor graders in the earthmoving industry. This is a revolutionary system that provides the ultimate in safety and maximizes operational productivity.

The folding walkway system provides safe and convenient access and personnel can perform daily tasks in the safety of the ergonomically designed access platforms. This new system is interlocked with the park brake circuit and features continuous handrails, antislip walkways and stairs providing safe access when parked.

How does the Access Safety System work?

The Access System has been designed to allow the grader articulation and tandem drive rotation to function through its full operating range. The Access System does not restrict any operational mobility or visibility.

The system has two modes - operating mode and parked mode.

Operating Mode
When the operator releases the park brake, the platforms and stairways rise allowing for clear vision for all operations, which is normal on all standard graders. The driver's vision should not be impaired and additional protuberances on the machine should fall within the original footprint of the assembly.

Parked Mode
It is normal operating practice for the handbrake to be applied at all times when a machine is parked. When the handbrake is applied, all walkways and stairs lower, giving operators and fitters world class ergonomic safety access for all tasks,

This operational procedure is used as the trigger for the system to change over from the parked mode to operating mode and vice versa.

The Access System achieves the following requirements and design parameters:

Meets all Australian design standards and codes
Requires minimal maintenance to the graders
Provides access to engine compartment and all around the cab
Enables safe and easy access for window cleaning
Enables emergency egress from the grader
Does not compromise the operational limits of the machine
Provides clear vision at all times


Reducing accidents and injuries is a number one priority and Access Innovations continues to
work to improving workplace safety. Suitable for most CAT models graders including 16M and
24H / 24M - CAT 120G, 12G, 120H, 12H - 14G & 14H - 16G 16H.

Puts an end to cracking handrails and downtime repairing broken handrails.

Handrail Vibration Eliminator


The Access Innovations Vibration Elliminator Insert has been designed to put an end to all your cracking handrails onsite by eliminating the vibration in the handrails. To find out more contact us.



2016 Export Awards Finalist

Dozer Side Access and Dozer Side Rear Modular Access Systems.

Early last year the 3rd generation of products was engineered, developed and globally patented.

This was the Side & Rear Around the Cab Modular Dozer Access System.

Access Innovations

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CURRENT 2016 Premier of QLD Export Awards STATE Finalist for
Minerals, Energy & Related Services Award




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24M - 24H Motor Grader Access System

The only grader access system in the world that meets the RIO Tinto 1.8m legislation.