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Showcase - Mini Side Access - Grader Models 24H

Another Newest Release ...
Designed by an operator for operators...

Access Innovations the world leaders in earth moving access systems proudly release our new motor grader mini side access safety systems.

The new model is offered as a alternative to our No 1 rated in the world by BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto existing full grader access systems.

100% access when you apply the park brake which delivers superior access to operators and maintainers unlike all competitors inferior systems.


This superior patented grader access system from Access Innovations is the only one on the market that delivers superior 100% vision for operators while operating as platforms and stairs raised during operation mode.


Quality Features - Grader Models 24H

  • Anti-slip stairs and platforms

  • Unrestricted grader functions

  • System is interlocked with the park brake circuit

  • Park brake on – system platform and stairs lower for access

  • Park brake off – system platform and stairs raised for grader operations